Providence Film Partners presents YELLOWDAY, a feature-length production about a young man searching for his lost love. To tell its story, the show crosscuts live action footage with full CG animation. We delivered roughly 25 minutes of animation, around 100 shots, and the project proved to be one of our most rewarding. These are some highlights.

This was produced in Softimage 2014 SP2, and rendered with Redshift.

Writer, Executive Producer, Animation Director: G.P. Galle Jr.
Executive Animation Producer: Mike Halsey
Animation Producer: Don Culwell
Art Director: Stephanie Goldstein
Animation Supervisor: James Coakley, Jr.
Environments Supervisor: Tim Crowson
Compositing Supervisor: Joël Gibbs
Production Coordinator: John Hamm

Animation: James Coakley, Jr., Cole Olsen, Michelle Kelley, Taylor Blair, Amanda Renfroe, Abdel Pizarro, Josh Stafford.
Compositing: Joël Gibbs, Rhea Borzak, Judd Eschliman II, Don Culwell
Roto/Tracking: Julian Herrera
Character Rigging: Miquel Campos, Harry Han, Mark Judkins
Modelers: Harouna Wane, Brad Applebaum, Ildar Masagutov, Tim Crowson, Stephanie Goldstein, Zach Goldstein.
FX: Wenie Rahardja
Lighting and Shading: Tim Crowson

Song: “What a Wonderful World” by Chris Botti and Mark Knopfler. © 2014 Sony Music Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

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