A four minute long release video for emPolygonizer5, featuring diverse meshed particle sequences. Latter were made with Softimage ICE, Proteus and Houdini.
This video was made to show a bit what the new version can do and at the same time to give the plugin a serious test-drive before releasing it.

This plugin is available for Softimage, Maya, Modo, Fabric Engine and as a command line tool.

Wild at Mesh (credits):
Pixels, Music and Mesher by Eric Mootz.
Particles created by Tim Borgmann, Eric Mootz, Freiburg University, Oliver Weingarten, Sebastian Kowalski.
Evil Bunny designed and modeled by Tom Weber.
Main 3D Application: Softimage|XSI 2012 SAP + 2014 SP2.
Particles created with: Proteus (alpha-version), ICE + Lagoa, Houdini.
Proteus: developed by the Computer Graphics Department, Freiburg University, Germany (
Particle Mesher: emPolygonizer5 v.5.03 (alpha).
Render Software: SItoA v.3.1 + Arnold v.4.2 (
Music Software: Reason v.4.0.
Special Thanks to POLYNOID (



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