We know we can still use softimage in production for quite sometime, but seeing what’s out there is not a bad idea. I am personally looking at houdini and will be participating more on the sidefx forum with a positive outlook.

I contacted Tim Clapham from hellolux.com after the death of softimage and he has been very kind to provide us with some 50% discount  for some of his training.
For those who don’t know Tim, he is a teacher at fxphd and very active in C4D and mograph community.

In addition to C4D tutorials,  Hellolux have just realezed some houdini jumpstart training from Adam Swaab. I understand there is a volume 2 on the way.

If you are looking at options beside Maya I am hoping this tutorials will help you get started.




Discount code softimagetv-houdini valid for:
All of the products can be found here: softimagetv and codes are valid until the end of march.


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