This tutorial goes through the steps of how to build your own Bézier Curve interpolation using Softimage ICE.

It starts with a quick explanation of how Bézier interpolation is derived from the source coordinates using an animated diagram from wikipedia, and then moves into Softimage where the concept is reproduced within an ICE Tree.

Lastly, the tutorial shows techniques for visualizing the resulting Bézier curves.

NOTE: The “Get Incremental Array” compound uses a “Build Array From Constant” node outputting into a “Get Array Sub Indices” Node. Divide the sub indices by the array size – 1, and you get an array of incremental values between 0 and 1. In Softimage 2011, there is a factory compound called “Build Linearly Interpolated Array” which does the same thing.

*Thanks to Phil Taylor for inspiring me to research this area of mathematics during the Softimage 2011 beta cycle. Also, thanks to Helge Mathlee for his tutorial on how to build an Incremental Array in ICE.

**For a more advanced implementation, have a look at the Fit Bézier Curve compound in Softimage 2011. It allows variable point input, and follows the mathematics more precisely





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