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Understanding the “Doritos” (KineState Hack) Technique

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In this video from TDSurvival Alan & Miquel sit down and talk through the how and the why of the "kinestate hack" more commonly known as the "doritos technique", which Steven Caron explained in detail in his blog ...

Modeling with ICE – PointPosition Interpolation

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In this video from TDSurvival Alan shows how a simple tree interpolating PointPosition data can prove practical for repetitive modeling. -- Who said ICE is only for fx and rigging? Pssh! :p

Tips & Tricks – Optional Panels

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This week TDSurvival has a new special guest gracing their studio -- Eric Thivierge http://ethivierge.com/ of Species fame -- to tell us all about "optional panels" in custom layouts in Softimage.

Tips & amp Tricks – Blocking Points With ICE

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In this TDSurvival video Alan and Miquel share two easy methods for seemingly "blocking" point positions, so as to aid in modeling specific tricky shapes a bit more easily.

Mechanical Rigging – Bike Chain Setup

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In this 40min tutorial Alan from TDSurvival shows us how to cleverly rig a bike chain that shifts over scale-aware gears without slipping. Timecodes: 00:00 - intro 01:33 - quickly modeling a chain link 08:32 - h...

Tips & Tricks – ICE Gradient Weightmap Control

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In this TDSurvival tutorial, Alan explains how to use ICE to produce a gradient controlled with a null.

Tips & Tricks – Dynamic Jaw Pivot

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In this video Alan from TDSurvival explains a great trick to have a dynamic pivot position on a deformer so you can try out the rotation deformation with different placements.until it's perfect. It involves the Static...

Workflow Tips – Hair & Grooming

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TDSurvival welcomes our first TD guest speaker, a friend of ours, Mr Luc Girard, a TD at Shed in Montreal that among other things, is a specialist in styling CG hair and fur. In this video Luc walks us through a ru...

FXTree Fun – ElasticReality Morpher Explained

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A lot of people are unaware that there's a legendary piece of software hiding in Softimage's FXTree. In this video Alan explains how to use the remains of Avid ElasticReality, the #1 morphing solution (in the 90s.) ...

Vectors 101: Tubular Push with ICE

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In this video from TDSurvival Alan explains how to take what we learnt from http://vimeo.com/67967251 and apply the same math in the context of a push deformer working outwards of a curve.