The Sort Controller is a tool that procedurally populates partitions in passes.

By writing in a simple syntax of “partition = group”, you can combine the power
of preceduralism with the stability, flexibility, and all around brilliant
design of Softimage passes and partitions.

Using the Sort Controller, groups with a naming convention become a meta data
layer in your assets that control sorting, and passes become procedural
rendering systems that will work on any assets following the same convention,
including assets not yet created. It’s flexible and fast enough for use on
projects of any size, easily modified, and does not create a strong dependency
on itself within your passes- at any point a project can simply stop using it
and nothing is lost. It’s also been aggressively optimized for speed over the
years, so even heavy scenes will sort in seconds. Additionally there is a
check function, which can be used to check if any pass is unsorted without
changing anything in the scene.

If you don’t know how to git and want to download Sort Controller as a user,
use download as zip in the right sidebar.

Full Documentation: [[]]

This is released open source, under the BSD 3 Clause License, see the LICENSE




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