Excellent TV spot rendered with Redshift by Glassworks for Ogilvy & Mather South Africa

“Glassworks has been evaluating Redshift as an addition to the range of
renderers that we use and we’ve been very impressed. First and foremost
the quality and stability of the renderer is excellent right out of the
box. A lot of thought has been put into presenting the render options in
a way that is both familiar and yet modern – unified sampling, various
global illumination mechanisms and physically-based render options are
all intuitive and easy to use.

The integration into Softimage is excellent with support for many of the
native shaders and render parameters but what’s even more impressive is
the stability and fluidity of the render region which allows for rapid
and easy iterations. It’s very easy to arrive at a look quickly with
Redshift; the impressive render speed allows us many more iterations in the development phase allowing us to really fine tune a look.

The scalability of performance and the ease with which we can bolt GPUs
into machines to provide extra render power also adds to the flexibility
and usefulness of Redshift’s renderer. Equally important is the support
from the Redshift team. Any bugs we’ve found have been squashed within
hours and a new release has been made available almost instantly. The
speed of development and addition of new and enhanced features is

Finally, from a look point of view, the renders look great – from rapid
Depth of Field to super-smooth motion blur and extra high sampling rates
right through to great subsurface and volumetric effects. For such a
relatively young renderer it has already covered a lot of ground.”

Alastair Hearsum, Head of 3D, Glassworks




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