A general purpose, automated car rigging & interactive simulation plugin for Softimage.
Started out as a test, went through proof-of-concept phase and after lots of research on real-life car geometry and dynamics evolved into a full plugin, developed in Python.
Supports 4 of the most common suspension types + one simplified approximation type for easier setup and faster simulation.


00:00 – A-Class (FWD)
Main features demo / Creation, rigging and test driving process in detail (with “simple” suspension)
05:00 – Beach buggy (RWD)
Creating & rigging a “Double Wishbone” suspension type + adding external parts to the rig
06:40 – Mustang (RWD)
Creating & rigging “McPherson Strut” and “Solid Axle (with Trackbar stabilization)” suspension types
08:56 – Monster Truck (4WD)
Creating & rigging “Solid Axle (with control arms stabilization)” suspension, + external rig parts

10:43 – Test runs of all above rigs (interactive driving, cached simulation)

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