Maurice Caicedo is an award-winning 3D Animator and Director based in NYC. His work has been featured on Motionographer, Stash Magazine’s DVD, Boards, Creativity, Post Magazine, as well as a theatrical/cinematic release for his work on Nike’s Shoxploitation campaign [which is now a part of the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection]. In his 12 years of freelancing, Mo has been an integral part of the creative process on projects for some of NY’s leading studios, including Psyop, Shilo, Buck, Stardust and Mass Market. Mo was also fortunate enough to help animate ‘Darkside of the Moon’ from beginning to end for Roger Water’s [lead singer/song-writer of Pink Floyd] 2006 world tour during his partnership at The String Theory of which he helped build and operate for a number of years.



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