Some info: done in XSI/softimage, rendered in Arnold 1280*720, depthchannel in 2560*1440, comp in NUKE
resized to 2560 for Dof with frischluft then down to 1920*1080, longest rendertime 3hours22min/frame,
Camera-animation is one-shot (but fake in the beginning crashzoom(and short disolve) to the key,where i change the set.
In the beginning i start with MR but than i have to switch to Arnold (faster better stable…)
And now the production-time(no kiding) 10Years!
Yes, 10years, but not every day, somtimes waiting for a software-update,changing every to Arnold was also a pain(new textures, new Ligthning and so on.)
Animation of the Mite took not so long (maybe 2weeks if i would work 8hours a day)



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