Created at Analog, the concept of lego blocks was originally for a pitch a while ago – but I wanted to push the ‘legoising’ a but further than just voxelising a grid of single points as I’ve previously made in Santander etc.- so this version is able to use bricks of variable lengths (in this example up to 4 but could be longer!) It also angles them randomly at 0 or 90deg.


Also because of the varying lengths, the removing of bricks to create shapes (such as a sphere) is done pre rather than post so that when a brick of size 4 (for instance) is chosen, if only a 2 fits it will use a 2 thus creating smoother shapes.

The length of brick, angle is set randomly but can be done in patterns (or all the same size brick/angle) which can make some cool patterns – parquet floorstyle etc.



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