Like many of you I have decided to explore Houdini as a possible replacement for Softimage and so far I am impressed with what I have seen. It has been quite refreshing to realize that it’s not as difficult as one may think, the nodal approach suddenly becomes quite natural if you already have some experience with ICE and NUKE. Thankfully Jordi Bares has put a lot of effort in his transition guides, so we can find some really good tips on how to transfer Sofitmage concepts accross. SideFX are working hard to accommodate the Softimage community, and even have opened a section on their forum for us. They understand why we love Softimage and will surely accommodate some of our feedback for the next releases.


I was very interested to know that Escape Studio was developing an intro course for Houdini. Even though there are many online resources to get started, I believe that attending a class will help me jump start the initial hurdle. The London-based course starts on 30 June and runs Mondays and Wednesday from 7pm to 10pm. The cost is £760 if you use the code (softimage-tv) that Escape Studios kindly provided for softimage-tv’s readers.

The course will be run by Escape Studios 3D head Mark Spevick. Mark also worked on several vfx companies like PEERLESS, DNEG, MPC. If you want to know a bit more about him please check his bio and even listen to this interview.


Escape Studios is a hub for 3D animation and visual effects expertise. It has built its reputation delivering software, training and new talents to the CGI industry. Professional clients include Aardman Animations, the BBC, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Electronic Arts, Rockstar and Nissan.


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