Directed by Pete Candeland and Jamie Hewlett at Passion Pictures

Full Credits:

Title: El Manana
Length:4 minutes 30 seconds
Client: EMI/Parlophone
Band: Gorillaz
Management: CMO Management
Creatives: Jamie Hewlett
Producer:Cara Speller
Production Co: Passion Pictures
Director: Peter Candeland & Jamie Hewlett
Producer for Passion Pictures: Anna Lord
Executive Producer for Passion Pictures: Hugo Sands, Andrew Ruhemann
2D Production Manager: Jen Coatsworth
CG Production Manager: Emma Phillips
Art Director / Cg Supervisor: Antoine Moulineau
2D Animation: Rikke Asbjoern, Nelson Yokota de Paula Lima, Rob Stevenhagen, Daryl Graham, Heath Kenny
Head 2D Assist & Co-ordination: David Burns
2D Assist: Jonathan Wren, Katerina Kremasioti, Mitchel Wilmot, Brent Odell, Gerry Gallego, Sky Bone
2D FX Animation: Simon Swales, Barney Russell
Toonz: Phil Holder, Tim King, Megs White Dore
Checking: Tony Clarke
CG Animation: Wes Coman
Visual FX Supervisor: Harry Bardak
Visual FX Artists: Elisée Cesarotti, Marc Di Nocera, Rob Chapman, James Coore
Lead Technical Director: Nikos Gatos
Lead Modeller / Texture artist: Tom Bryant
Modelling / Texture artist: Mario Ucci
Lead Lighter / Layout artist: Lukasz Pazur
Lighting: Ludovic Walsh, Axel Akesson, Nikos Gatos
Lead Compositor: Johnny Still
Compositing: Niamh Lines, David Lea, Julien Limouse, Neil Riley
Matte Painting: Daniel Cacouault, Jim Bowers
Storyboard: Jamie Hewlett
Software used: Xsi, AfterFX, Toonz, Final Cut Pro, Combustion, Lightwave
Editor: Jamie Foord
Sound Design: Chi Li Shrewring



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