Ben Houston from exocortex has just open sourced Crate, the alembic suite for Maya, 3DS Max, Softimage, Arnold and Python . This will be of great value for anyone using softimage prior 2015, since this final release has Alembic support. The nice thing about crate is that it works across all three packages Maya, Max and softimage making our transition a lot more easier.

As of late Ben Houston has focused his effort on the amazing online 3d package on . He also announced he will continue to contribute to ExocortexCrate as need be. He commented on the softimage list:

The Alembic suite though is a fairly complete product at this point — the
only major exception is Custom Attributes in Maya.  We would though be
looking for consulting work from studios that need non-trivial
features added to the suite — either individually or jointly.  We are
very open to consulting work to add new features.  We will also for
the foreseeable future be creating the builds for the various
platforms as needed.

Details here



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