Hey there!

For the release of version 2.2 of emTopolizer2 for Softimage this small video was made. Its purpose was to test the brand new polygonizer core for memory leaks and flickering normals. Happy to say that the test went well… no flickering, at last! :)

The underlying particle simulation is a Lagoa liquid simulation. The liquid moves rather slowly, but that was intended: meshing slow moving particles is trickier than fast moving ones.
Here some specs:
- particle count: about 300 K.
- average polygon count: about 600 K.
- amount of frames: 3800.
- average meshing time (on an i7): 10-15 seconds, including motions, normals and caching.
- memory consumption while meshing: negligible!

Special thanks to POLYNOID for letting me use their render farm!

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PS: please support your local software developer… buy a plugin from time to time!

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