Roughly two minutes of OGL captures with a little ambient occlusion. The whole thing was made in four days, so it’s really just a quicky, nothing more.

All simulations were created with the Softimage addon “emTools” and a few factory ICE compounds.

The really new stuff in this video are the tools called “Cars”. They were developed together with Polynoid (
The “Cars” tools require special polygon meshes that can be built with emTopolizer2. Latter should be released and available in Fall 2013.

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PS: please support your local software developer… buy a plugin from time to time!


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  • Avatar of Paul Griswold

    If you’re new to Softimage, you should do yourself a favor and BUY all Eric’s tools. Not only are they great, but Eric is a great guy who supports the Softimage community a lot.

  • Bubba 4 years ago

    I already know this is gonna be awesome video even before watching. Congrats