cmiVFX has released Modular Rigging with Python in Autodesk Softimage; an in-depth course in which our mentor, Jérémie Passerin, takes you through the whole process of creating a complete modular rigging system in Python. The two first chapters will get you comfortable with the basics of programming with Python and using the Softimage SDK. The video gets more advanced from there as Jérémie explains in detail how to create all the different components of a biped rig. You will learn how to get information from the scene and create new objects, apply constraints, use expressions, and connect everything together by using Python scripting. You will even see how to create a custom operator and use it to create a stretchable IK solver. For those who are familiar with the open source rigging system GEAR, this tutorial will give you the basics you need to understand the core of the system and make it possible to extend it.

Short Description
In this modular rigging video you’ll be scripting with Python in Softimage, learning to read information from the scene using the Softimage SDK, creating and automating tasks, and generating a complete biped rig with custom IK solver using Python.

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