00:10 JUSTIN – feature film (Rigging Supervisor):
- 80+ unique characters
- 200+ props
- 50+ custom tools

00:20 Auto-Rigger:
Base rig used in hero characters (biped, quadruped).
- Modular
- Guide Based
- Visual Feedback (rotation planes)
- Guide points projected into the mesh

00:45 Sticky Points Creator:
Granular anim. controls on top of shape based facial rigs.
- Guide Based
- Several preview modes (transforms, points).
- Points are automatically projected on top of the mesh.

01:22 MOMOCHI – animated TV series (Character TD):
- Momochi rig
- Character picker
- Custom tools

01:26 Clamp deformer:
- Custom deformer (ICE based)
- Real-time feedback
- Non-linear/topological independent

01:40 Custom tools:
- Face Library (automatically generated through a python script)
- Custom character picker (aka synoptic)
- Utility tools (show/hide parts, key all, pin and so on)

02:00 Mask controls:
- Custom deformer on top of ‘doritos’ (ICE based)
- Real-time feedback
- Geometry re-projected in order to maintain the silhouette.

Music: Colossal by CloZee



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