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ICE facial rig shapes approach

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In this video I demonstrate a different approach to drive the shapes of a facial rig using ICE in Softiamge. Thanks to my friend Ola Madsen for walking with me through this method.

CmiVFX : Modular Rigging with Python in Softimage

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  cmiVFX has released Modular Rigging with Python in Autodesk Softimage; an in-depth course in which our mentor, Jérémie Passerin, takes you through the whole process of creating a complete modular rigging sys...

ICE Kine Basics

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In this video I go over how to setup basic Position, Orientation, and Scaling constraints. I also show you how to translate that to 2 point constraint setup as well. Hope this helps some folks understand ICE Kine a bi...

ICE Kine – Drive From Particles

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This tutorial breaks down how to use particles to drive positions of objects using ICE Kinematics. This setup is essentially the same as if you went to the new ICE Module in 2011.5 and selected Kinematics > Effects...

Tube Rig

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In this video I show you how to create a simple tube rig if you need to have the ability to shape polygon tubes while having as much control as possible. Alan Fregtman's script:

Understanding the “Doritos” (KineState Hack) Technique

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In this video from TDSurvival Alan & Miquel sit down and talk through the how and the why of the "kinestate hack" more commonly known as the "doritos technique", which Steven Caron explained in detail in his blog ...

Mechanical Rigging – Bike Chain Setup

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In this 40min tutorial Alan from TDSurvival shows us how to cleverly rig a bike chain that shifts over scale-aware gears without slipping. Timecodes: 00:00 - intro 01:33 - quickly modeling a chain link 08:32 - h...

Tips & Tricks – Dynamic Jaw Pivot

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In this video Alan from TDSurvival explains a great trick to have a dynamic pivot position on a deformer so you can try out the rotation deformation with different placements.until it's perfect. It involves the Static...

Softimage ICE skin deformation – TUTORIAL

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from Alexandre Alin This is a quick tutorial to show you how my skin deformation compound work... i hope you enjoy! If you want to add more muscles you MUST duplicate the compound and do another weightmap... one...