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ICE Modeling – Extrusion Along Curve

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from Fabricio Chamon new features: - Default Extrusion Start/End - support for open/closed profile and path curves - new path subdivision rules: >Segment Length Based >Evenly spaced - Fixed >...

CmiVFX : Modular Rigging with Python in Softimage

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  cmiVFX has released Modular Rigging with Python in Autodesk Softimage; an in-depth course in which our mentor, Jérémie Passerin, takes you through the whole process of creating a complete modular rigging sys...

Tips & Tricks – Optional Panels

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This week TDSurvival has a new special guest gracing their studio -- Eric Thivierge of Species fame -- to tell us all about "optional panels" in custom layouts in Softimage.

Tutorial: Build your own Bézier Curve Interpolation in Softimage ICE

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from Bradley Gabe This tutorial goes through the steps of how to build your own Bézier Curve interpolation using Softimage ICE. It starts with a quick explanation of how Bézier interpolation is derived from the ...

Installing LK Lightning – Basic Tutorial 01

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More tutorials: LK Lightning 2 is available on

Understanding the “Doritos” (KineState Hack) Technique

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In this video from TDSurvival Alan & Miquel sit down and talk through the how and the why of the "kinestate hack" more commonly known as the "doritos technique", which Steven Caron explained in detail in his blog ...

Workflow Tips – Hair & Grooming

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TDSurvival welcomes our first TD guest speaker, a friend of ours, Mr Luc Girard, a TD at Shed in Montreal that among other things, is a specialist in styling CG hair and fur. In this video Luc walks us through a ru...

emPolygonizer4 4.15 Tutorial 02 – Rendering correct deformation motion blur with Mental Ray and Solid Angle’s SItoA + Arnold

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--- emPolygonizer4 Tutorial 02 --- The following things are demonstrated and/or explained in this tutorial: starting at 00:00 > "Introduction". starting at 01:21 > "Understanding deformation motion ...

emFlock 1.xx Tutorial 03 – Basic Predator

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The following things are demonstrated and/or explained in this tutorial: 1) how to create a predator that scares a flock.

emFluid3+emRPC Tutorial – Making some “Photonic Explosions”

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--- emFluid3 + emRPC Tutorial --- The following things are demonstrated and/or explained in this tutorial: 1) create an emFluid3 setup for a "photonic explosion" using heat and velocity data that is emitted from...

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