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Tutorial: Build your own Bézier Curve Interpolation in Softimage ICE

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from Bradley Gabe This tutorial goes through the steps of how to build your own Bézier Curve interpolation using Softimage ICE. It starts with a quick explanation of how Bézier interpolation is derived from the ...

ICE Framework: Putting Concepts Together to Burn a Branch

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In the sixth and final part of this series, you'll see how to use all the ICE concepts you learned from the previous videos (operators, attributes, references, context, and locations) to create a branch-burning effe...

ICE Balloons – Part 1 – Emission & Behavior

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from TD Survival  In this tutorial Alan begins to explain the highly anticipated icy mathemagic behind the "ICE balloons" simulation teased a few weeks back: This is the first of multipl...

ICE Framework: Context

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from SoftimageHowTos Context determines how you can combine data in ICE trees. This is the fourth in a series of six videos that explain the fundamental concepts you need to understand in order to use ICE effectively.

Strands from Strands

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from Vincent Ullmann In this Video i will show you how to create Strands from Strands from Strands.... a Setup i used to create some nice Effects, like in these two Videos  ( &

Softimage ICE skin deformation – TUTORIAL

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from Alexandre Alin This is a quick tutorial to show you how my skin deformation compound work... i hope you enjoy! If you want to add more muscles you MUST duplicate the compound and do another weightmap... one...

Softimage ICE muscle system – TUTORIAL

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from Alexandre Alin  This is a quick tutorial of how my ICE muscle system work... sorry for the no sound video and the poor presentation... Thanks for watching!! download link below:

Softimage to Unity Mecanim Workflow

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A basic walkthrough using Softimage's primitive man and basic skeleton to Unity 4.2's Mecanim animation system. No audio, but read the accompanying text at

Vectors 101: Tubular Push with ICE

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In this video from TDSurvival Alan explains how to take what we learnt from and apply the same math in the context of a push deformer working outwards of a curve.

FXTree Fun – ElasticReality Morpher Explained

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A lot of people are unaware that there's a legendary piece of software hiding in Softimage's FXTree. In this video Alan explains how to use the remains of Avid ElasticReality, the #1 morphing solution (in the 90s.) ...

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