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SOFTIMAGE|ÜberTage2013: polynoid: “Latest Productions”

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The guys from POLYNOID are talking about their recent projects and the usage of SOFTIMAGE in the production. For more information please visit: POLYNOID spoke at the "SOFTIMAGE|UeberTage" usermeeting that...

Introduction to Houdini – Evening Course (ESCAPE STUDIOS )

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THE HOUDINI ROAD  Like many of you I have decided to explore Houdini as a possible replacement for Softimage and so far I am impressed with what I have seen. It has been quite refreshing to realize that it's no...

Autodesk retires Softimage

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The dreaded prophecy of the death of softimage has finally been fulfilled. Almost 6 years after the acquisition of Softimage by Autodesk the product has been retired.  This is a very difficult time for the softimage c...

Interview with Eric Mootz

8.67K Views8 Comments

Eric Mootz talks to about his new website, latest mootzoid developments and his life as a Softimage tool maker. Congratulations on your new website, looks really good. What made you decide to upgra...

Strand collision framework

8.47K Views1 Comments

from Roughy A couple of years ago I decided I needed inter-colliding strands and spent an ungodly amount of time trying to make it in ICE. As a result of not knowing anything back when I started working on it th...

Pacific Rim – VFX Breakdown

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from Rodeo FX   Done with Softimage, rendered in Arnold and comped with Nuke. You can read about some of the work on this old thread of mine:!topic/xsi_list/irlFhq_7U-o ...

Glassworks Amsterdam collaborating with PostPanic on Sci-Fi film

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In a quiet corner of Glassworks Amsterdam’s 3D department a little bit of mystery is in creation. To be fair, taking a wander through our 3D department at any time is a voyage of discovery. But senior 3D artist Markus...

RigLab Preview #002

2.43K Views2 Comments

from Cesar Saez  RigLab is an open source rigging framework for Softimage I've been working on and off for a while, it's not ready yet but this preview shows the main functionalities and ideas behind it. 0...

Softimage ExplosiaFX released

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ExplosiaFX is a fluid dynamics simulation tool currently integrated in Autodesk Softimage. It is constructed upon dynamically resizing voxel grid with modern multigrid solver and thus provides most quality results in ...

Exocortex Crate goes open source

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Ben Houston from exocortex has just open sourced Crate, the alembic suite for Maya, 3DS Max, Softimage, Arnold and Python . This will be of great value for anyone using softimage prior 2015, since this final release h...

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