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Softimage ExplosiaFX released

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ExplosiaFX is a fluid dynamics simulation tool currently integrated in Autodesk Softimage. It is constructed upon dynamically resizing voxel grid with modern multigrid solver and thus provides most quality results in ...

Exocortex Crate goes open source

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Ben Houston from exocortex has just open sourced Crate, the alembic suite for Maya, 3DS Max, Softimage, Arnold and Python . This will be of great value for anyone using softimage prior 2015, since this final release h...

Leap Motion in XSI

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from Fabric Engine I am happy to announce that I've received the Leap motion controller and added another KL extension to the VR suite to support it. I've been able to map...

Wild at Mesh

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A four minute long release video for emPolygonizer5, featuring diverse meshed particle sequences. Latter were made with Softimage ICE, Proteus and Houdini. This video was made to show a bit what the new version can d...

Introduction to Houdini – Evening Course (ESCAPE STUDIOS )

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THE HOUDINI ROAD  Like many of you I have decided to explore Houdini as a possible replacement for Softimage and so far I am impressed with what I have seen. It has been quite refreshing to realize that it's no...

Forester For Softimage

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Forester is a procedural creation addon that renders the creation of natural elements like trees, forests, grass and flowers a breeze! For more info, visit

Side Effects London Meetup

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Meeting Side Effects in the Pub (The company behind Houdini) Ask all you want and you shall be happy Side Effects have been very busy listening to the Softimage community and are paying a visit to meet some peop...

emTopolizer2 2.20 Tutorial 01 – New Polygonizer Preset

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--- emTopolizer2 Tutorial 01 --- The following things are demonstrated and/or explained in this tutorial: starting at 00:00 > "Introduction". starting at 00:52 > "The new Polygonizer Preset". starting at...

Sort Controller – Open Source Release

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The Sort Controller is a tool that procedurally populates partitions in passes. By writing in a simple syntax of "partition = group", you can combine the power of preceduralism with the stability, flexibility, a...

Softimage to Houdini Guides

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Responding to recent demand, Jordi Bares has produced a set of comprehensive PDF guides designed to assist Softimage artists who are looking to transfer their skills to a Houdini-based workflow. Jordi is an accompl...

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