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polar bear preview

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from _vs hair done with Paul Smith's FUZZ:

Visual Experiment – Fluids

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from Paulo Cesar Duarte A simple visual experiment with fluids, It's my first real work with Houdini, used to generate the animations and simulation of fluids, bake a cache and exported to Softimage, where I ma...

Softimage Trees simulation

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from XAPKOHHEH  Simulating trees with premodeled geometry (though generating trees from ground up would be much simpler). 1) Detecting branches and branch hierarchy from given mesh 2) Applying custom dynami...


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from Tim Crowson Testing Redshift's new Volumetrics. - 1920 x 1080 - Unified Sampling: 8-128 - 5 GI bounces, Monte Carlo only (BF+BF) - 28min average frame time on a single Titan. 13min frame time on Triple Tit...

Smoke Rings (NO fluids)

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An attempt to create a "smoke rings" effect without any fluids systems, but with straight ICE particles. 100% stock Softimage / ICE, no third-party tools.

emTopolizer2 v.2.20 – “Liquiduum”

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Hey there! For the release of version 2.2 of emTopolizer2 for Softimage this small video was made. Its purpose was to test the brand new polygonizer core for memory leaks and flickering normals. Happy to say that t...

Fuzz Test Render

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from YUJAEHO Compound of Paul smith ( )

Lego Builder ICE

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from Simon Reeves Created at Analog, the concept of lego blocks was originally for a pitch a while ago - but I wanted to push the 'legoising' a but further than just voxelising a grid...

openVDB.SitoA-Rendering Test.v2

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from YUJAEHO Houdini.Pyro -> convert VDB -> softimage plugin ( Oleg Bliznuk = ) -> SitoA rendering Render Time : per frame 30 sec Render Setting : Volume ( Step Size == 0.25 (Box...

shallow water sim coupled with lagoa multiphysics

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a simplistic approach to simulating large areas filled with water in 2d, coupled with a multiphyscis solver for splashes and stuff... this was developed at UFSC to contribute to a stundent short that had some simple c...

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