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Easy solution, how to use presets in softimage. Download :

Variable FK ICE Kinematics

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A quick demo of my aproach based on Jeff Brodsky's Maya technique --> Download all the XSI files for FREE here:

Select in Array until Max Sum

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Demo of ICE Compound "Select in Array until Max Sum" that Select random values in array until the sum of the values collected reached the limit (Max Sum). It can be used to randomly get many objects with different ...

emTools 1.93 – New Stuff and Liquid Particle Shaper

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from Eric Mootz  --- emTools Walk Through --- The following things are demonstrated and/or explained in this tutorial: starting at 00:00 > "Introduction". starting at 00:53 > "Particle Liquid Sha...

Release v1 of Fur stuff

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from Paul smith  Everthing should be here Please show me your renders!

gray-scott reaction-diffusion model implementation in ICE

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I always wanted to implement something like this in XSI but never had time to do the research. Today I found some time and tried my luck with ICE. It worked out quiet good. It's just a little bit slow. I'm going to in...


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from summatr

A case for Fabric Engine

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from Leonard Koch Leonard shows how easy it was to integrate fabric into an ice tree.

Daily little ICE – Day5 – ns_ThreadFromCurve

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from Niclas Schlapmann  The twist-thing is from Vincent Ullmann, thx for that and your tutorial! e...

Compression Matting on fur controlled by texture map

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from Paul smith This is a completely new compound, and a lot better method of doing this kind of stuff. I hope to release something this week.. otherwise i'll just keep tinkering indefinately. By the wa...

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