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SOFTIMAGE|ÜberTage2013: polynoid: “Latest Productions”

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The guys from POLYNOID are talking about their recent projects and the usage of SOFTIMAGE in the production. For more information please visit: polynoid.tv POLYNOID spoke at the "SOFTIMAGE|UeberTage" usermeeting that...

Musselman´s “Big Cup”

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Credits: Post-Production Company: CHRLX Producer: Charles Philipp Director: Ryan Dunn Editor: John Zawisha Creative Director: Matt Wilson Lead Animator: Tony Tabtong Animators: Ken Music, Eugen Sasu Lead Light...

SOFTIMAGE|ÜberTage2013: Eric Mootz: “Current Developments”

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Eric shows his current developments around emTools, emTopolizer2 and emFluid5. Eric spoke at the "SOFTIMAGE|ÜberTage 2013" international user meeting, that took place September 13th 2013 in Siegen/Germany. For more in...

Playmobil “Die Hueter der Drachenherzen”

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It was a lot of fun to work on this project! I did all the vfx such as fire, ICE, smoke, fog, debris, rigid bodies, magic particles and strand stuff. All done in Softimage under extensive use of ICE and tools from mo...

SOFTIMAGE|UeberTage 2013

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from Oliver Weingarten  More info: softimage-uebertage.de Line-Up: Rüdiger Kaltenhäuser, 3D Lead at Glassworks, Amsterdam/Netherlands : "Making of.." glassworksamsterdam.nl/ Eric Mootz, Developer at Moot...