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SIMCAr – Car rigging & Interactive simulation plugin

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A general purpose, automated car rigging & interactive simulation plugin for Softimage. Started out as a test, went through proof-of-concept phase and after lots of research on real-life car geometry and dynamics...

Smoke Rings (NO fluids)

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An attempt to create a "smoke rings" effect without any fluids systems, but with straight ICE particles. 100% stock Softimage / ICE, no third-party tools.

Directed Particle flow +UV generation

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A fully controllable particle flow compound, plus a post-meshing compound for shape editing & UV coords generation.

Ground Dust (non-fluids)

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A test for a large scale ground dust (or "brown out") effect. No fluid systems used - created with "old school" particles, using stock/factory ICE nodes.


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From Walter Volbers Some info: done in XSI/softimage, rendered in Arnold 1280*720, depthchannel in 2560*1440, comp in NUKE resized to 2560 for Dof with frischluft then down to 1920*1080, longest rendertime 3hour...

Redshift 3D Hair Rendering

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from Emilio Hernandez This video demonstrates the speed of Redshift 3D render engine for Softimage.   Redshift 3D Hair Rendering from Emilio Hernandez PLUS 2 days ago NOT YET RATED ...

Freeview TV ad – Cat & Budgie

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produced by glassworks london: http://www.glassworks.co.uk/video/love

openVDB.SitoA-Rendering Test.v2

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from YUJAEHO Houdini.Pyro -> convert VDB -> softimage plugin ( Oleg Bliznuk = vimeo.com/81459393 ) -> SitoA rendering Render Time : per frame 30 sec Render Setting : Volume ( Step Size == 0.25 (Box...

emTopolizer2 experiments

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from Tim Borgmann  I used a similar concept for some of the 'paperlike' effects Just testing and playing around with Erics new emTopolizer2. For more information visit vimeo.com/mootzoid An inspiration for some...

Cone Grow

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Hey kids, maths can be fun! An experiment with ICE that seemed worthy of a render. Made with Softimage and Thea.