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Wild at Mesh

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A four minute long release video for emPolygonizer5, featuring diverse meshed particle sequences. Latter were made with Softimage ICE, Proteus and Houdini. This video was made to show a bit what the new version can d...

emNewton2 v.2.0 (beta) – “Celestial Chaos”

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The two minute long release video for the ICE plugin called "emNewton2". This new (and rather nerdy) plugin is an implementation of Sir Isaac Newton's "Law of universal Gravity". The main difficulty of the implementa...

emRPC 2.25 – Cuddly Photonic Explosions

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A quite old animation (it was made May 2009) using emRPC v.2.25 to render some particles animated with emFluid2 v2.25. The 3D application was... the good ol' XSI 7.01, yes! Those were the days! The average rende...

emRPC4 4.00 Tutorial 02 – A little Strands and DOF

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--- emRPC4 Tutorial 02 --- The following things are demonstrated and/or explained in this tutorial: 1) setting up emRPC4 for strands. 2) how to access the strand parameters. 3) DOF (depth of field). http:...