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CmiVFX : Modular Rigging with Python in Softimage

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  cmiVFX has released Modular Rigging with Python in Autodesk Softimage; an in-depth course in which our mentor, Jérémie Passerin, takes you through the whole process of creating a complete modular rigging sys...

GEAR – Quick overview

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GEAR is an opensource rigging and animation toolset for Autodesk Softimage. It includes a modular rigging system to easily create rigs for any kind of character. This first video shows a basic overview of the system....

GEAR – Rig features

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Presentation of the features of the biped rig generated using GEAR. Download GEAR : gear.jeremiepasserin.com

GEAR – How to create a biped rig

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How to use GEAR to create a biped rig from scratch. Download GEAR : gear.jeremiepasserin.com

Miquel Campos, 2013 Character TD Reel

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More info at his blog at http://www.miqueltd.com/